Monday, 07 August 2017 04:26

Mercedes 220 SE Fintail

Mercedes 220SE Fintail 1964 for sale

Exterior: Nice light-yellow paint with good chrome. Rolling on 14” original Mercedes wheels with white stripe. This gives the car a better ride and makes the engine rev less on higher speed. You can choose if you want the headlights on the car or if you prefer the European style. This is a Swedish delivered car.

Interior: Very nice original textile interior. Nice instruments

Engine: Needs some detailing in the engine bay. Engine and gearbox runs good, new battery and the motor was just service with new oil, filter, sparkplugs, points etc.

History: This car belonged for many years to the police inspector’s mother. The inspector himself has verified the car has not travelled more than 110.000km and looking at the car this looks correct. The car had only two previous owners until today. 

Monday, 22 May 2017 20:10

Mercedes 220SE Coupe 1962

Mercedes W111 220SE Coupe for sale

1961 was the first year of production so this is a very early car (no power steering).

Exterior: Painted in Tunis beige many years ago. The paint has some patina, but there is no rust on it. The chrome parts are in very good condition, despite some smaller dents.

Interior: Fantastic red original leather in wonderful condition. Nice headliner and all instruments are working. All chrome details inside the car are in excellent condition.

Engine: The engine in this car runs very nicely and has very good power in comparison with other similar cars I have driven. The manual gearbox feels very nice and firm. The entire car has a very original low km feeling. The car has just been serviced with new fluids and filters. New bushings in the front and the brakes. Fuel tank has been cleaned and new fuel filters fitted.

History: This car was sold new here in Sweden in 1962 to a man in Stockholm and he was the owner until 2002 when his son took over the car. He kept it until now when we bought it. We do not have full documentation all the way, but according to the previous owner the total travel is 137,000km. Has original handbook, tools and spare. Just went trough Technical Control here in Sweden and is ready to go.

Interested? Contact me here

Friday, 24 February 2017 20:46

Mercedes 190 SL

Mercedes 190SL for sale

Exterior: Repainted once a long time ago. Paint has scratches and marks but no corrosion. New tyres withwhite stripe. Good chrome on this daily driver. Please not that underneath this car was rust protected on a very early stage underneath. There is no rust, and from what I can see the car has never been welded. Normally these cars are very rusty in the floor

Interior: All original vinyl interior with a new carpet. The soft top is still the original from 1957 and a little bit worn, but keeps the rain out.

Engine: Engine fires right up with a happy sound. Gears go in very easy and this car is a pleasure to drive.

History: 2 owners from new in the same family. The car was sold new here in Sweden. The km counter in the car stopped working a long time ago so there is no records of the total travel. This is a perfect car for you that want to get in to a 190SL for reasonable money and then upgrade the car little by little while you are driving. 

Saturday, 28 January 2017 05:26

Mercedes 300SL 1987

Mercedes 300SL Roadster R107 1987

Stunning car with 35,000km from new! Still in first paint

Thursday, 26 January 2017 07:43

Mercedes 220 Sb 1963

Mercedes 220 Sb 1963 in stunning condition for sale

As you can see in these pics, this Mercedes W111 is in a stunning condition!

Exterior: The car was repainted more than 20 years ago, but still looks very nice. The chrome parts were rechromed and some were bought new. Nice white wall tires. Perfect glass and rubber.

Interior: The upholstery was replaced a long time ago and it looks very nice today. You can see some very small yellow spots on some places. The wood is all original and still looks very nice with a little patina. All instruments look very nice and all in working order.

Engine: Twin carburetor engine gives a healthy sound and good power to this big car.

History: As you can see the car has sunroof and in 1963 it was not possible to buy your W111 Mercedes 220 with sunroof in Sweden. So, the first owner bought the car brand new in Germany with the sunroof. For that reason, it also has a German owner´s manual and service book. The first owner passed down the car in the family and there have only been these two owners! Many very expensive parts have been replaced over the years in order to keep the car in absolute top shape.   

Wednesday, 31 August 2016 07:00

Mercedes 190SL 1957

Mercedes 190SL for sale

The 190SL share the same lines as one of the world’s biggest classic car icon: The Mercedes 300SL. And, that is probably why these cars are so popular today. In the recent years, they have also proven to be a great investment. It is a nice little car that will fit into any garage, but still with enough space inside for two full grown people and their picnic bag or dog in the back. It is easy to find spare parts for the model, but can be costly. So, it is better to look for a good car in the first place.

Exterior: Very nice paintwork, excellent chrome and good panel fit. All rubber and glass in perfect shape. New soft top and the frame for the top are very nice and clean. It is a classic but striking color combination with the deep red interior. The car was painted in the region 2007-2008 and there is no corrosion.

Interior: The entire interior of this car was redone by Klaus Hermann Mayer in Germany 2007. All instruments work as they should and are in the very best optical condition.

Engine: Starts right up with a healthy sound. It was rebuilt in 2007 and has covered less than 20,000km since. The tachometer was reset to zero at this point. It has received regular maintenance over the years and has a recent oil service.

History: This is one of the 1000 Mercedes 190SL cars that were sold new here in Sweden and it had a total of 6 owners here over the years. The owner’s history is documented and the present owner had the car since the summer of 2005. Receipts for all work and parts are collected in a binder. This is a genuine and solid Mercedes 190SL that I believe will give you many years of happy trouble free driving.

Do you have any questions? Contact me here.

Tuesday, 14 June 2016 13:06

Mercedes 190SL 1957

Mercedes 190SL W121 1957 for sale

Mercedes 190SL were produced in more than 28,000 pieces during 1955-1963. It was the budget version of the bigger 300SL and sharing the same styling.

Exterior: The car was restored about 25 years ago. It has always been stored in a heated garage and only used during dry summer days. So, it still looks very nice today. Shiny paint and nice chrome.

Interior: Bright red leather in very good condition. Very nice soft top! Red leather is always a striking color combination on a white car.

Engine: Starts right up with a very healthy sound. Engine feels strong and gearbox shifts nicely and easily.

History: Sold new here in Sweden back in October 1957. Had some owners over the years but it has been with the last owner for a very long time. 

If you have a Mercedes 190 SL that you are considering to sell, please contact us!

Wednesday, 19 August 2015 04:16

Mercedes 250 SE Coupe

For sale: Mercedes 250SE Coupe 1966

Have a look at this gorgeous Mercedes Coupe! It has recently had lots of work done and is now ready to meet the road again. Perhaps with you behind the wheel!
Body was completely sandblasted and painted again in original color.
All chrome parts were redone.
New interior including wood, carpets etc.
New rubber all around.
I think you can see, by looking at these pictures, the car is now in fantastic shape!
This is a car that was sold new here in Sweden and the previous owner bought the car in 1973 when he drove one year before it was parked. And then it was left sitting for 40 years! Finally last year it was restored back to its former glory.

The Mercedes 250 SE Coupe W111 was produced only between 1966 and 1967.

The motor gives you 150 smooth horsepower. 


Saturday, 07 March 2015 08:11

Mercedes 220SE

Mercedes 220 SE B 1964 for sale

I got this car from the first owner. It was sitting in a parking garage for some time so we have cleaned it up and given it a proper service. It's been through the technical control here in Sweden (TUF) and is now ready to go back to work. New stainless exhoust system.

There are all the original books with the car, parts catalog, warranty card, owner's manual and also the metal badge with the first and only owner's name. I think these were only supplied to the Mercedes customers in Sweden. It has also the original tools and spare in the back.

It has been repainted at some point and there is some very small surface rust in some places. All in all, the structure is very solid.

The original cloth interior is in very good shape still and these cars have the most comfortable seats.

The car has a lot of charming patina. 

Tuesday, 21 October 2014 05:19

Mercedes 190 SL

Mercedes 190 SL for sale

As you can see in the pictures below, this is a fully restored Mercedes 190SL that we offer for sale here. Every part of this car has been reworked or renewed. Also engine, gearbox and final drive. The Mercedes 190SL has been increasing a lot in value the last couple of years and it will most likely continue to do so in the years to come. 

190 SL is the little brother to 300 SL, but these cars have more than doubbled in price the last 3 years and therefore now out of reach for many of us. But with the similar styling, the lack of need for horsepower while cruising with the top down the Mercedes 190 SL is a great alternative.

This car finished of in clasic color combination, silver with red leather. The home location of this car is in the south of Germany and it has today German papers.


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