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Volvo Amazon 1965

Volvo Amazon 1965 for sale

The Volvo Amazon was in production from 1956-1970 and there where many variations. The engine alternatives where in the beginning B16 and then later the successful B18 and last the B20. These last two engines are known to be the toughest engines in the world.

Exterior: There is no other colour that suits the Amazon as well as black (19) It really makes all that chrome stand out. And the chrome details on this car is in excellent condition, as well as the paint. The bumper guards have been removed for a wider sleeker look. But they are with the car. It has also a sport suspension that makes the ride height slightly lower than original. Underneath this car was cleaned and the entire front and rear suspension was dismantled, all parts where sandblasted, painted and new bushings where fitted. There where never any rust on this car. We can not even find that it has been welded anywhere underneath.

Interior: Here the car is in very good and original condition. Still wearing original seat covers in very nice condition. Good headliner and all instruments work as they should. There is a new dashboard fitted recently and a textile carpet. It has seat belts also for the passengers in the back.

Engine: The engine fitted is a B20 for better power, and with this there is a Weber carburettor. It has a little bit more free exhaust system that gives it a very nice sound without being loud. The delivery of the power goes through a gearbox M41 J-type with overdrive. And this makes the car wonderful to drive even on longer stretches or if you should need to go on the highway. You are now cruising along in 110-120 with ease.

History: This car was living its early life in one of the districts in Sweden where they did not use any salt on the road’s wintertime. The car was repainted by previous owner 2012 and has never needed anything but regular maintenance. All bushing and joints in the front and rear where replaced 2017. We also have the original engine and gearbox.

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Friday, 14 September 2018 04:48

Jaguar E-type Coupe Series 1

Jaguar E-type Coupe Series 1 1965 for sale

Exterior: This car was restored in the early 90ies and it still looks good today. You can find some small blemishes in the paint, but overall a very nice looking car with good chrome. Rolling chrome spoke wheels in very good condition and fitted with good Michelin tyres. Good gaps and the car have a nice ride height.

Interior: Stunning red interior in this Jaguar E-type! Perfect red leather, nice carpets and all trim in the back looks very nice. Nice clean dashboard with fully working instruments and controls. Spare wheel, jack and tools in its place. Adjustable steering wheel and proper seats (unlike in the earlier cars.)

Engine: Starts easy and sounds very normal. The car was not driven much the last couple of years. So, an oil service is due. Normal sound also from rear axle and gearbox.

History: Imported to Sweden in 1986 and the it had a restoration done here. This was done by previous owner, so we do not know how much was restored. But the car was repainted at this time. The last owner had the car for nearly 20 years and drove only a few times in the summer. The car was always kept in a dry garage.

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Wednesday, 05 September 2018 05:50

Triumph TR2 Longdoor

Triumph TR2 Longdoor 1954 for sale

I never thought much of the TR2 or TR3 until I drove on. It has the looks of a small Jaguar XK 120, but is actually so much more fun to drive. The feeling of being able to drive along a country road and being able to pick the flowers from the roadside without even getting out of the car is amazing.

Exterior: The car looks stunning in this colour combination and these are the factory colours. And when all the chrome work on it is brand new, it really stands out towards the black car. Every detail on this car is new or made to look new again, and in the highest quality possible. Rolling on new 48 spoke wheels and new tyres. The restoration of this car was completed in 2018 and after this it has covered a few hundred kilometers to sort out possible bugs. The car was completely disassembled during the restoration and the frame was painted separately.

Interior: Completely new and wonderful red leather interior and red carpets. All instruments in top condition. Everything works the way it should. Has a red tonau cover, new side screens and new soft top in the same red colour.

Engine: Complete rebuild and feels very powerful in this little car. Wonderful sound, great oil pressure and everything in the engine bay is exactly like when the car left the factory in 1954.

History: This car left the factory on the 26th of February 1954 and was registered in Sweden in March 1954. Had many owners while growing up in Stockholm. In 1996 a restoration started, but the car was left standing for a long time until a new owner completed the work this year. It has now passed Technical Inspection here in Sweden and is ready to drive away.

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Tuesday, 14 August 2018 05:42

BMW 635 M6

BMW 635 CSi M6 1986 for sale


Exterior: The paint and all details on the outside of this car is absolutely perfect and the car looks stunning. It was repainted in 2010 in the original Burgund rot metallic. This is a high quality paintjob on a car that never had any rust, and it still looks like new today. Original M-Technic body kit. All chrome, glass, rubber on the outside of the car is perfect. For me, the E24 cars from this era are the best looking. The car looks so good it won "Best In Show" at a BMW M meeting in Sweden.

Interior: Very nice cockpit in this BMW M6. Light green/grey leather with tan carpets. Everything inside the car is looking very nice and there is still the original Becker Mexico fitted. A lot of original extra equipment. Fully electrical seats, original AC, but it needs to be filled up with gas.

Engine: When you open the hood on this car, you will see that beautiful M6 or M88/3 engine and since this is a European born car from 1986, it was original without catalytic converter and gives you a full 286hp. The engine bay on this BMW M6 as you can see in the pictures is super clean. Normal maintenance work has been carried out over the years. It received a complete new head (around 210,000km) including cam shafts, valves and everything. At this point, the engine was completely disassembled and checked for tolerance and then put back in the car. In 2014, it received a new Supersprint exhaust system that gives it a wonderful sound to match the agile look. Gearbox, final drive and other technical components all have normal function and sound.

History: Börje Nordberg was a Swede working and living in Madrid Spain. And in 1986 he bought this BMW 635 CSi M6 there. He used it many times to drive back home to Sweden over the years and the second owner took over the car in 2010 and kept it until now. It has been registered and used here in Sweden since 2010 and it has lots of documentation that has been collected over the years. It has a set of original wheels and full toolbox, original books, jack and spare.

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Thursday, 02 August 2018 05:41

AC Daytona replica

AC Daytona replica race car in aluminium for sale

The Shelby Daytona Coupe (also referred to as the Shelby Daytona Cobra Coupe) is an American sports-coupé related to the AC Cobra roadster, loosely based on its chassis and drive-train. It was built for auto racing, specifically to take on Ferrari and its 250 GTO in the GT class. Just six Shelby Daytona Coupes were built between 1964 and 1965, as Shelby was reassigned to the Ford GT40 project to compete at the 24 hours of Le Mans, again to beat Ferrari in the highest level prototype class. With the Shelby Daytona, Shelby became the first American constructor to win a title on the international scene at the FIA World Sportscar Championship in 1965 and has recently been chosen for historic preservation as a significant vehicle in the history of auto racing.

Exterior: Very good paint on this very straight aluminium body. This car has only been tested around the track a few times and otherwise been stored in a dry garage. This was one man's dream to build a replica of one of the greatest and most iconic race cars in history. And now it is standing here waiting to get out on the track and do what it was built for. The build is well documented and there are pictures from when the aluminium body is standing on its own unpainted. Authentic looking wheel fitted with Avon Radial CR6-ZZ 295-50-R15 in the back and 245-60-R15 in the front.

Interior: Well, this is a race car and inside is what you could expect, which is not much. It is the necessary gauges and some flip switches, a hard aluminium seat, race harness and a cage.

Engine: The engine and gearbox have been made to look and perform as close to the original as possible. There are many ways to set up a race car and it is very much to a driver's preference. But it starts and runs today. It’s a 289 C6 that meets FIA Apendix K regulations. The total cost of the engine build alone is close to 20,000€. Many specially made parts have been used to make it look as authentic as possible. Keep in mind that only cars with 289 engine and Webers can meet FIA regulations. Borg -Warner T10 gearbox. 3.77 rear end. Dyno test showing 400hp at 6700rpm.

History: The build of this car started around 2000 and most of the work and investments have been around 2007.

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Saturday, 14 July 2018 19:18

Mercedes 280SE 3,5

Mercedes 280SE 3,5 1972 for sale

Exterior: A very close to perfect outside of this 1972 Mercedes saloon. Very nice silver paint with perfect original chrome. The W108 is a car with many small details around the windows etc and all of these are in very good condition. The model is very expensive to restore and for this reason it is better to buy one in good condition from the start. As you can see it is rolling on the Barock wheels with original style Micheline tyres in very good condition.

Interior: Perhaps the best thing about this car is when you slip in behind the big steering wheel and you feel scent of leather and old unrestored car. You can tell right away that this car has been precious, to every owner that had the privilege to own it over the years. It has very well taken care of and everything inside the car is absolutely beautiful. And just look at that Becker radio! To be honest I do not think a classic car could get any better than this looking from the inside. Trunk area is also very nice and it comes with original spare and tools. Please note that this car is fitted with original A.C.

Engine: This car has covered today 99.000km and it has a think binder of receipts of maintenance work that has been done over the years. It starts and runs perfect in the engine, gearbox and final drive. 3.46 ratio on the final drive for more relaxed driving at high speed.

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Tuesday, 03 July 2018 09:04

Jaguar E-type Series 1 Coupe

Jaguar E-type Series 1 Coupe 1963 for sale

The Jaguar E-type series 1 is considered by many to be One of the most beautiful cars in the world. And to me the coupe is the best as it completes the lines better than a convertible.

Exterior: The opalescent golden sand colour looks stunning on the Jaguar XKE! The paintwork on this car is perfect, the panel gaps are perfect, the balance of the car is of course also perfect. This is a car that gets an incredible amount of road presence, not only because it is a Jaguar E-type, but for the reason it is such a beautiful car in this colour configuration. The brown leather bucket seats so visible through the clear glass are like a dessert topped off with the finest chocolate dust. Chrome spoke wire wheels, bumpers etc also in excellent condition.

Interior: That brown leather really makes a lovely contrast with all this chrome details you have in the early Series One cars. Some details have received a small upgrade, such as having the brown carpet come up on the sides where you step into the car. Also, the rear compartment is done in the same brown leather and this gives the not only a more luxurious look, but also a very nice smell when you open the door.

Engine: The 3,8l unit gives the E-types the best sound. It feels sportier and revs more freely. The engine and gearbox of this car was completely stripped down and build up again with new parts. This was done in 2012 and it has not travelled far since. There are detailed invoices of all the mechanical work that has been done to this car. If you are a buyer just send me an e-mail and I can send you copies. The car runs perfect today and just complete a 300km journey in one stretch.

History: This car was sold new to Jerry W More in Wawona California on the 19th of November 1963. It was then sold in 2010 to Mr Bracht in Australia and from there to a dealer in U.K and then found its way to Sweden in January 2017. It comes with a Heritage certificate and is a matching numbers car. Most of the work on this car was done in 2012 and it has been exercised only on sunny days since. It is still to today in impeccable condition. Please note that pretty much every single part on this car has been either replaced or put in to like new or better condition. It comes with a thick binder of detailed explanation of all the work done. Also, a CD with pictures during the restoration. If you are looking for one of the very best Jaguar E-type coupes on the market you will not be disappointed with this car.

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Monday, 02 July 2018 05:16

Volvo P1800S 1967

Volvo P1800S 1967 for sale

I have had many Volvo P1800 cars in my life, they are beautiful cars from every angle. But the driving experience never impressed me much, until I drove this car!

Exterior: The four wings and rocker panels have been replaced and then the car was repainted. All the gaps and lines are today in perfect harmony. Better than when the car was new! All chrome details have been replated or replaced and new rubber all around.

Interior: Black leather, red carpet, those beautiful instruments all working as they should.

Engine: The best part of this car is the engine. It is a B20 with fuel injection (from P1800 E-model) and then the block was drilled out to B21 and new pistons fitted. The head is modified with bigger valves (44mm in and 37mm out) KG10 camshaft, oil cooler fitted. 123 ignition, free flowing exhaust. The rear axle and front hubs were changed to the one from an E model so it now has disc brakes also in the rear. A bigger brake booster fitted for best possible stopping power. M41 overdrive gearbox. In all, this gives you a very nice driving experience of this Volvo P1800S. This is how the car should have been from factory! Great power with lots of torque, the cabin is very quiet and when that overdrive kicks in, you are cruising effortlessly even at highway speeds. It does not sound more than a normal P1800 and it looks original on the outside. This is the best Volvo P1800 I have ever driven.

History: This car was left standing after the first owner passed away in the early 90's. The second owner who bought the car completed a full restoration and put it into the condition it is today. It has covered approximately 20,000km since and is still today in fantastic condition.

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Saturday, 30 June 2018 11:16

Mercedes 280S W108

Mercedes 280 S W108 1971 for sale

The Mercedes W108 was built between 1965 and 1972 and including all models around 360,000 cars were produced. Still you do not see many of them around today. Perhaps it is because it is an expensive car to restore and the values have been low in comparison to the coupe and convertible models.

Exterior: A perfect paint in the original colour moss green. Very nice chrome, glass and rubber details. The car was repainted in 2004 and has been used only on sunny days after this. At this time, all rubber seals were replaced. The tyres were replaced in June 2018 and if you do not like the thin white stripe, it can be turned inwards.

Interior: The interior in this car is very original. Nothing has been replaced and it is still in a wonderful condition. There is minimal wear on the driver’s seat, but the rest of the car's cabin is still close to perfect. The colour combination of inside and outside works very well.

Engine: The engine was taken out and received new piston rings and new bearings in 2014. New gaskets all around. It has travelled 2,000km since then. Also, the pneumatic rear suspension was replaced for a new original at this time. The engine has just been serviced, all fluids replaced, and it runs very nicely.

History: This car was standing a long time for sale when it was new, perhaps nobody wanted to buy it since there was a new model out. So, it came to the first owner and into traffic in November 1972. Mr Pettersson bought the car in 1972 and when he passed away in 1995, the car was taken over by his daughter that owned it until 2018. It is today a wonderful and well-maintained classic Mercedes Benz that looks and drives absolutely fantastic.

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Tuesday, 19 June 2018 05:00

Volvo 244 Turbo

Volvo 244 Turbo for sale

So when did you last see a Volvo 240 Turbo in good condition? 15 years ago they were everywhere and nobody could care less. But today there are perhaps 3-5 cars on the market in Europe!

Exterior: 50% still in original paint and still looks amazing. Always been in dry climate so no corrosion anywhere and never any need for welding on this car. We have also the original wheels. Nice with the sunroof even though you have A.C.

Interior: The interior really shows the quality of the Volvo leather that still looks like new in this car! Very nice original carpet and it is hard to believe the km reading looking inside this classic Volvo.

Engine: Has the normal airplane like sound and runs very well. Good power and the overdrive pops in to get the rpm down when you go on the highway.

History: Just imported from Italy to Sweden. Previous owner was a collector and true Volvo enthusiast. The car had ASI Certification Automotoclub Storico Italiano in Italy. This is a format where the current owner of the car can go through a process to have his car certified that it meets the criteria for registration with ASI, that the car has met the historical regulations for the car. In other words, this car can be proven as being a certified from the date of manufacture to present day, that it is just as it left the factory and its history is known.

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