Monday, 04 December 2017 13:21

Ford Capri GT 1600 1969

Ford Capri GT 1600 XLR 1969 for sale

Exterior: A very nice paintwork with excellent chrome details. The black hood, grill, and between the rear lights were original on XLR models. The new wheels are an upgrade from slightly later model and they are fitted with new tyres.

Interior: This car has a very close to perfect interior, seats look very nice and the dashboard and instruments are in like new condition. Also, very nice original headliner.

Engine: Starts right up and has normal sound. Also, gearbox and final drive are in a very good condition.

History: Sold new in Sweden. The car was produced in August 1968 and it is a GT Version. Still has the first registration document in original, original handbook and receipts and Swedish Technical Inspection documents collected in a binder. 

Wednesday, 25 October 2017 17:55

Porsche 911 Carrera

Porsche 911 Carrera 1985

Exterior: Repainted in the original colour “Marmorgrau” which makes a very nice contrast with the burgundy interior. Slightly lower springs give the car that little extra sporty look. All rubber and glass in perfect shape. Rolling on original wheels with good tyres.

Interior: Still looking like new inside! It is hard to believe the km reading when you look at the interior of this car. Very nice seats, carpets etc. One of the previous owners has fitted a roll cage so you will be safe if you want to take the car for some track days.

Engine: Very nice sound from the stainless steel exhaust. Great power and I get a very good feeling of the gearbox shifting nicely and smoothly.

History: Has all books and has been serviced and taken care of properly over the years. Present owner has had the car since 2004 and there were two previous owners before him. Taken through Technical Control here in Sweden 2016-10. Yes, it has over 250,000km but you will not believe it when you see and drive the car. 

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Michael Schiebler

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Thursday, 12 October 2017 06:47

Jaguar XJS 1993

Jaguar XJS Convertible 1993 for sale

Exterior: Very nice burgundy metallic paintwork. Perfect chrome details, nice glass and rubber. Wonderful colour combination. Good softtop. And 100% rustfree.

Interior: All original and in very good condition. Perfect wood panels without any scratches. Nice clean beige leather.

Engine: Good sound from the straight six. Normal function on gearbox and final drive. Such a wonderful open car to drive.

History: Was imported from Germany to Sweden in 2000 and had 3 owners here. Was taken through the Technical Control in Sweden in 2017. Had a big service this year including complete revision of the rear brakes. It comes with a service book, handbook in German and all other original Jaguar accessories. Now with a new battery and ready to drive anywhere! 


Wednesday, 11 October 2017 16:11

Aston Martin DBS AM Vantage 1972

Aston Martin DBS Vantage 1972 Six cylinder for sale


This is a very rare model of Aston Martin that not many people know about. It was in 1972 when Aston discovered that they had 70 units of the old 4l six cylinder engines sitting in the back. And since two years they had been using the V8 for the DBS. So these Tadek Marek designed 6 cyl engines were fitted in DBS V8 bodies with some smaller modifications such as chrome spoke wheels and low air intake on the hood.

Exterior: Still in first paint! Yes, it is showing some age, but it is only original once! Original chrome spoke wheels in good condition. All chrome parts in very good condition except the rear bumper that has some surface rust.

Interior: All original, beige leather, carpets etc. in wonderful condition. Nothing was ever touched or tampered with; original radio is also with the car. Equipped with original Webasto sunroof. It has all original tools, tool case, and spare wheel.

Engine: Runs well. Work done recently: Full service replacing all fluids, filters etc. New brake hoses all around. New stainless exhaust fitted and a new fuel tank.

History: Sold new in U.K. and then bought by a Swede in the 80s who then registered the car in Germany since he was working there at the time. Previous owner had the car for 40 years. There is a large history file with wonderful letters between the owner and Aston Martin. Some documents confirming the technical details of the used for the registration in Germany and it is still today under German registration. There is the original instruction book and the service book, and also some MOT documents from U.K. and Germany.

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Michael Schiebler

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Tuesday, 10 October 2017 12:10

Lotus Elan Sprint 1971

Lotus Elan Sprint for sale

The Elan Sprint was the last version marketed, between 1971 and 1973, following the Series 1, 2, 3 and 4. Essentially, the Sprint was an up rated S4, fitted with a more powerful version of the Lotus twin cam engine. Though there are some who see the Sprint as a tuned S4, there is no doubt that Lotus intended it to be a separate version of the Elan (an “S5” in effect) and that it was marketed as such. The Sprint has become one of the more sought-after Elan types and they are relatively few in number.

Exterior: Most likely still in the first paint! There are some patches in some places where previous owners used some spray paint. Also some stars and small cracks in the paint. However, from 2 meters it looks great. Front windscreen is a little bit milky on the side and the rubber is old and dry.

Interior: 100% original in here and it still looks very nice! There are some very small cracks in the clearcoat on the wood but otherwise it looks amazing for an untouched original car. All instruments work as they should and everything else also works such as fan, lights etc.

Engine: The car was sitting for many years and that is the reason for the low mileage. Also, all fluids, the headgasket and the seals in the water pump have been replaced. The 4 speed gearbox is nice and tight. All brake hoses replaced, callipers rebuilt, and new brake cylinder, also clutch cylinder and hose. New stainless steel muffler, and new driveshafts (flexjoints). It starts easily and runs perfectly now.

History: The car was bought in U.K. in 1987, the recorded mileage then was 51,853 miles. It was then put on an airplane and flown to Stockholm, Sweden. There are inspection papers here in Sweden from almost every year and there has been only one owner of this car. Therefore, with certainty today the recorded millage is 60,820 miles! That is 97,400km only! With the car is a lot of interesting documentation such as the U.K. vehicle registration document in original. The plate number at the time was BH7 7BG and there are also original handbook, sales agreement, and MOT documents from both U.K. and Sweden. 


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Michael Schiebler

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Monday, 09 October 2017 18:37

Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider 1962

Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider for sale

Exterior: Older paintwork with some small imperfections here and there. Nice chrome and good soft top. Rolling on older rubber with good thread. A very presentable daily drive condition. It is a very original, rust free car and we can not see any traces of old rust repairs on it. Must be rare for this model.

Interior: Please not that after these pictures where taken the seats have been rebuilt with new foam and new seat covers. The carpets have also been replaced and new original style Alfa Romeo rubber mats on top of this to give the authentic look. I have a pictures of the new interior to send by e-mail.

Engine: Starts right up and gives nice raspy tune in the back. Normal oil pressure and normal sound from gearbox and final drive.

History: This car was sitting in a collection for a very long time and it was just put back on the street. A new MOT (Technical Control) was done here in October 2017. The tank has been cleaned and treated, brakes are all new and new service parts for the engine such as oil, plugs, points, filters etc. 

TOP TIP: This is super value!! Buy before it is gone

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Monday, 09 October 2017 16:50

Jaguar XJS 1996

Jaguar XJS Celebration for sale

Jaguar XJS Celebration was the final update to for the Jaguar XJS, it has different seats, steering wheel, and wheels from the earlier versions.

Exterior: Very nice and shiny paintwork and in a gorgeous colour combination. Very good chrome glass and rubber all around. Has received new shocks all around recently. Also had a professional polish recently.

Interior: Leather interior has recently received a clean and new colour. Perfect wood panels and details. Everything in the car works.

Engine: Starts right up, runs smooth and has good oil pressure. Automatic gearbox shifts normal and normal sound from final drive.

History: Sold new in USA and came to Sweden in 2014. Has recently been through technical control here in Sweden. The car has covered 54.000 miles from new! That is 86.400km and it had a major service one during 2017. Original service, handbook, tools and spare are with the car. Also has a Carfax report from USA to verify the km. 

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Michael Schiebler

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Sunday, 08 October 2017 19:21

Volvo P1800S 1967

Volvo P1800S 1967 for sale

1967 was the first year for the P1800S to have a straight thin chrome molding on the side. It makes the car look a little longer and sleeker. They also received a new mount for the driveshaft, and the support between gearbox and engine was made stronger. A small box for your cellphone was added between the seats. A new exhaust manifold that came already in 1966 gave the engine now 115hp.

Exterior: The original green color (94) looks amazing with all the new chrome parts on this car. These are Volvo original parts and not stainless aftermarket stuff. The car was repainted by a Volvo dealership 10 years ago and there was no rust repairs prior to the painting. It has correct gaps and still has the lines where it should to have such. In the pictures with Minilite wheels and also comes with a set of original rims in new condition.

Interior: New carpets and new leather. Looks very nice and clean inside. The speedometer has just been refurbished and also the rev counter was rebuilt. The instruments are always problematic on P1800 and this work will ensure they will work fine now for a long time. Also, a new speedometer cable was fitted together with a factory new fuel gauge. Original seatbelts.

Engine: The engine has just been serviced with new oil, filters, sparkplugs, air filters, points etc. Cooling system flushed and other fluid levels checked. The brake system had hoses replaced, new calipers front and new brake cylinders in the back. Brake servo has been checked and works fine. Carburettors were also rebuilt. Other new parts are: valve cover, radiator expansion container, bearing drive shaft, bushings for the gearbox, radiator hoses and clamps, heater valve, valve cover gasket, outer mirror, securing straps for rear axle.

History: This car was sold new here in Sweden in September 1967. These cars always had a lot of owners and this one is no exception. But since 1982 there have only been two caring owners for this car. From the very original look and feel of the car, we believe the km reading of the odometer is correct. Less than 70,000km! After working with these cars for many years, I strongly believe this is one of the best Volvo P1800 cars on the market today.

Interested? Contact me here

Michael Schiebler

Tel: +46707658904 

Friday, 06 October 2017 06:07

Alfa Romeo 2600 Sprint

Alfa Romeo 2600 Sprint 1963 for sale

Exterior: Very nice paint in the original colour “Antico Bianco”, good chrome details. The car was partly restored in 2003 but appears to not have been welded anywhere.

Interior: The combination with this brown leather inside is stunning! And, the condition of the interior is just perfect. You do not need to go anywhere! You can just sit in the car and enjoy how beautiful cars Alfa Romeo made during this time period.

Motor: The car came from USA and has covered 39,000 miles from new. That is equal to 62,400km and the engine, gearbox and final drive are all in healthy condition.

History: Came from USA in 1999 to Germany, had a short visit to Belgium and is currently under German registration with historic plates. It also has FIVA papers.

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Michael Schiebler

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Sunday, 01 October 2017 19:26

Volvo P1800S 1964

Volvo P1800S 1964 for sale

Exterior: Painted in original red (46) a few years ago. Then fitted with new front bumpers and new chrome strips on the sides. New rubber all around. Rolling on a brand new set of Minilite style wheels, that can be had for a small extra charge. A set of original wheels are also available. The front fenders and rocker panels are new.

Interior: New black leather and new carpets. All instruments (except clock) are working and look very nice. Good dashboard and headliner. Modern radio with classic look, mp3, cd etc.

Engine: Just had a complete rebuild with new bearings and pistons. Rebuilt carburettors and brake servo. All other parts for brakes are new. New heater core. New fuel pump and fuel tank. New wire harness. 

History: 1964 could be one of the best years for a P1800. Then the cars were manufactured in Sweden, but still with the nice cow horn bumpers. These cars always had many owners and this one is no exception. The last owner had the car for 10 years and did all the above mentioned work.  

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