Tuesday, 03 July 2018 09:04

Jaguar E-type Series 1 Coupe

Jaguar E-type Series 1 Coupe 1964 for sale

The Jaguar E-type series 1 is considered by many to be One of the most beautiful cars in the world. And to me the coupe is the best as it completes the lines better than a convertible.

Exterior: The opalescent golden sand colour looks stunning on the Jaguar XKE! The paintwork on this car is perfect, the panel gaps are perfect, the balance of the car is of course also perfect. This is a car that gets an incredible amount of road presence, not only because it is a Jaguar E-type, but for the reason it is such a beautiful car in this colour configuration. The brown leather bucket seats so visible through the clear glass are like a dessert topped off with the finest chocolate dust. Chrome spoke wire wheels, bumpers etc also in excellent condition.

Interior: That brown leather really makes a lovely contrast with all this chrome details you have in the early Series One cars. Some details have received a small upgrade, such as having the brown carpet come up on the sides where you step into the car. Also, the rear compartment is done in the same brown leather and this gives the not only a more luxurious look, but also a very nice smell when you open the door.

Engine: The 3,8l unit gives the E-types the best sound. It feels sportier and revs more freely. The engine and gearbox of this car was completely stripped down and build up again with new parts. This was done in 2012 and it has not travelled far since. There are detailed invoices of all the mechanical work that has been done to this car. If you are a buyer just send me an e-mail and I can send you copies. The car runs perfect today and just complete a 300km journey in one stretch.

History: This car was sold new to Jerry W More in Wawona California on the 19th of November 1963. It was then sold in 2010 to Mr Bracht in Australia and from there to a dealer in U.K and then found its way to Sweden in January 2017. It comes with a Heritage certificate and is a matching numbers car. Most of the work on this car was done in 2012 and it has been exercised only on sunny days since. It is still to today in impeccable condition. Please note that pretty much every single part on this car has been either replaced or put in to like new or better condition. It comes with a thick binder of detailed explanation of all the work done. Also, a CD with pictures during the restoration. If you are looking for one of the very best Jaguar E-type coupes on the market you will not be disappointed with this car.

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Tuesday, 12 June 2018 19:56

Jaguar 420 G

Jaguar 420G MK10 1969 for sale

The Jaguar 420G or MK 10 is the biggest car ever produced by Jaguar. And when you see this car in real life, it is something completely different from seeing it in pictures. It was a limousine made for diplomats and film stars. Not to be confused with the much smaller 420.

Exterior: This car has the original colour scheme and has been repainted once. Good chrome. Good tyres with thin white stripe.

Interior: All the wood panels (and there are many) are in perfect condition. The original blue leather is also in very good condition.

Engine: Starts perfectly and has a healthy sound. Fitted from new with a gasoline heater if you want heat in the car when you are standing still or want to preheat the car before you go. Has recently had a lot of work done to the brakes. Also, a lot of bushings in the front end and around the rear end has been replaced. Receipts for more than 10,000€ spent on this car in the last year!

History: This car was sold new here in Sweden in August 1970 and the first owner had the car for 20 years. Then, there where 3 more owners until today and the total driving is no more than 71,000km (read). Past Technical Inspection in Sweden 170425 and is ready to go.

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Wednesday, 25 April 2018 04:48

Jaguar MK V 1950

Jaguar MK V Saloon 1950 for sale

Gorgeous Jaguar MK V from 1950. Very time period styling and similar to Bentley and Rolls Royce at the time.

Exterior: Very nice paint and chrome details on this car. The two tone paint enhances the beautiful lines of the Jaguar MK 5. The car was painted in the hands of a Jaguar enthusiast many years ago and still looks very nice today.

Interior: As you can see in the pictures, this car still has the original leather! Now 67 years old and it is just starting to show its age. There is some repair done on the driver's seat but otherwise  it is still all good and in a wonderful colour. Big sliding sunroof for those summer days. These cars have a big toolkit fitted in the trunk lid. Not complete, but half way there.

Engine: Runs nicely, recently the headgasket was replaced and the head was rebuilt. This is a 3,5l engine fitted with a four speed gearbox

History: First registered here in Sweden in 1993. Most likely imported from U.K

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Monday, 09 October 2017 16:50

Jaguar XJS 1996

Jaguar XJS Celebration for sale

Jaguar XJS Celebration was the final update to for the Jaguar XJS, it has different seats, steering wheel, and wheels from the earlier versions.

Exterior: Very nice and shiny paintwork and in a gorgeous colour combination. Very good chrome glass and rubber all around. Has received new shocks all around recently. Also had a professional polish recently.

Interior: Leather interior has recently received a clean and new colour. Perfect wood panels and details. Everything in the car works.

Engine: Starts right up, runs smooth and has good oil pressure. Automatic gearbox shifts normal and normal sound from final drive.

History: Sold new in USA and came to Sweden in 2014. Has recently been through technical control here in Sweden. The car has covered 54.000 miles from new! That is 86.400km and it had a major service one during 2017. Original service, handbook, tools and spare are with the car. Also has a Carfax report from USA to verify the km. 

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Tuesday, 29 August 2017 11:19

Jaguar E-type Coupe 1965

The Jaguar E-type Coupe, could it be the most beautiful car in the world? I am sure a lot of people would agree with that. The Brittish sportscar icon in its best form.

Exterior: Nice older paintwork, good chrome, no corrosion anywhere. Nice wire wheels with good tires.

Interior: Newer black leather, good carpets, nice and clean inside. All instruments are doing their job,spare wheel and jack in its place.

Engine: Great power and good sound from the 4,2l straight six. Had normal maintenance over the years and normal sound from gearbox and final drive.

History: Came to Sweden in 2011 and had one owner since. Taken trough technical inspection in Sweden last time in 2016 and is ready to drive away.

Tuesday, 25 July 2017 18:31

Jaguar E-type Roadster 1966

1966 Jaguar E-type XKE convertible Series 1

If you go out on town and you ask a random person to name a classic sports car, I think the chances are good that they will say Jaguar E-Type. The Jaguar XKE is such an icon when it comes to classic cars and by many considered the most beautiful car in the world.

Exterior: If you need a reference to what a perfect Jaguar E-Type should look like, then this would be it! In terms of panel fit and glossy paint, you could not ask for more. Everything on the outside of the car is in like new condition. Also new chrome spoke wire wheels and Pirelli Cinturato tires. Please note that the car looks almost black in some pictures, but it is dark blue. Please note also that the chassi is in perfect harmony (ride height).

Interior: Red interior that is now in the best possible state. That dreadful “brand new” look is just over and you can see now that this is a Jaguar E-Type that has been driven.

Engine: Engine had a full overhaul in 2000 and has covered 4,000km since. So the 4,2 liter unit looks and sounds excellent. This is the engine that was fitted from new (matching numbers).

History: This Jaguar E-Type Convertible 1966 came from USA to Denmark  in1997 and then in Sweden it had the first registration in 2004. The body work and the paint were done here in Sweden. During its time in Sweden there has been one owner. One in Denmark and from the time in USA we have no records. 

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Thursday, 20 April 2017 07:19

Jaguar MK2 240

Jaguar MK2 240 1966 for sale

Exterior: Painted 5 years ago in the original opalscent grey. Good original chrome. Some parts have been rechromed. Just received a polish and looks stunning.

Interior: Original red leather interior with a wonderful patina. New carpet set. The original unrestored wood panels look good. Some minute details could use a little attention on the inside of the car, but all in all a good impression. Also, original headliner in great shape.

Engine: The engine had problems on a very early stage of this car's life and was parked. Then, found abandoned in a barn a few years ago and the cylinder head was rebuilt by Jaguar specialist. Now the engine runs very nicely.

History: Sold new in Sweden in January 1966. I do not have any documentation to support the km reading of less than 100,000km, but it looks like it could be correct. It changed hands all in all 6 times and is now ready for you to drive away. 

Friday, 11 November 2016 05:01

Jaguar E-type series 1

Jaguar E-type roadster Series 1 1964 for sale

The sports car icon Jaguar E-type came in three series. Series 1, Series 2 and Series 3. The most desirable or collectible Jaguar E-type cars are Series 1 up to 1964 before the 4,2l engine came. These cars are easy to recognize since the headlights are covered and the taillights are fitted above the rear bumper. Other details are the aluminum panels on the dashboard and smaller bucket seats than those of the later cars. Not to mention the distinct sound of the peppy 3,8l engine.

Exterior: Gunmetal grey or opalescent silver with red interior is a very striking color combination for a Jaguar XKE roadster. The paint on this car is very nice and all chrome details are also in top condition. Slightly wider original Borrani chrome spoke wheels for improved handling and looks. The soft-top is in “like new condition” if you, for any reason, would need to put it up. There is a convertible cover with the car not showing in these pictures. Please note that there is a rubber strip underneath the doors that is visible on the outside of the car. However the fitting of the doors and other panels are perfect.

Interior: Red leather interior in very nice condition. All instruments look very nice and have normal functions. In the trunk, we have the original jack, tools and spare.

Engine: Engine fires up easily and gives that fantastic raspy, snappy sound that only the 3,8l does. Triple SU carburetors, original Moss gearbox and a gear ratio on the final drive that keeps your rpm down even at higher speed. The engine had a complete rebuild in 1999 and has been driven less than 7,000km since.

History: The car was built on the 31st of December 1963 and was delivered to Jaguar Cars New York on the 10th of January 1964. Came to Sweden in 1999 and was restored here between 1999-2001. The first owner here in Sweden was the shop that did the restoration; second owner has had the car for 16 years now and is ready to pass it on to a new owner. This is a matching numbers car in its birth colors.   

Questions? Contact me here.

Tuesday, 23 August 2016 06:51

Jaguar XK 150 FHC 1960

Jaguar XK 150 FHC LHD 1960 for sale

The Jaguar XK 150 is a wonderful Grand Touring car. With plenty of power under the hood and the overdrive gearbox, you are cruising with ease on the highway with today’s traffic. And, still you are in a car that has those gorgeous classic lines.

Exterior: Very close to perfect deep blue paint, as you can see in the pictures all chrome details are in perfect shape. Very good panel gap and all rubber and glass are in very good condition.

Interior: Very nice beige leather, headliner and all details inside the car are in very good condition. In the XK 150 you have a bit more leg room up front than in the XK 120 and XK 140. 

Engine: Starts and runs perfectly. Very nice clean original engine bay. 3,4l

History: Sold new in USA 1960 and was first registered in Sweden in 2002. The restoration was completed here in 2005. During the restoration, the entire car was disassembled, the frame was stripped and painted, the same with axels etc. The engine was rebuilt and the car received a new interior. Receipts for parts and outsourced work are collected in a binder exceeding 55,000€

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Friday, 05 June 2015 05:56

Jaguar C-type

Jaguar C-type replica 1958 for sale

Even if you could find an original Jaguar C-type for sale, most of us could not afford one of the 52 cars built. But if you want to get as close as possible to the real thing in driving experience, you can buy this C-type replica for a fraction of the cost.

This car was first registered here in Sweden in May 2009 and has documents that it is year model 1958. And this makes it very easy to register in any country in E.U. Some deviations from the original to make it safer and more user friendly are a five speed gearbox, disc brakes up front and proper seat belts.

The car is still today in a very good condition and is a thrill to drive! There are some small scratches in the paint that a proper race car should have to look authentic.

Tonau cover and spare wheel come with the car. 

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